Take The Team Titan Challenge
Are You Tough Enough?
You must complete the following exercises in under 45 minutes to make team Titan.

.1000 Jump Ropes
100 pushups with a 35lb plate on your back, on a BOSU ball turned upside down with your feet elevated
100 bar dips
200 sit ups with a 25lb plate on your chest, feet not locked
100 pull up's
You can do this in any order, or any combination of reps
Only 5 have made this team so far.  Good Luck, you're gonna need it!
To Make the website hall of fame, you must complete this in the Tough Gym.
Charlie LePari - 29:55 Record Holder
Charlie LePari - 29:55

Kent Gutches - 32:06

Brock Gutches - 33:40
2 Time State Champion
Wrestler.  National

Seth Hernandez - 51:35
Brett Hamilton - 47:51

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