Extreme Team
You must must do the following in this order:
75 Push up's in 1 minutese to add text.
75 Sit up's in 1 minute
20 Pull up's in 1 minute
2 Minute rest.
2 Minute rest
2 Minute rest
40 Bar dipsxt.

Charlie LePari

Joel Bath

Richard Hewitt

Brock Gutches

Kent Gutches

Extreme Team II
You must do the following
60 Push up's in 1 minute

60 Sit up's in 1 minute

10 Pull up's in 1 Minute

25 bar dip's in 1 minute


Jake Vizzini

Zach Kearney

Greg Amorelli

Brandon Scott

Tim Kirkpatrick

To make the Web Site Hall of Fame, you must do this in the Tough Gym

2 Minutes rest between each set
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